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Our Suppliers of Process Equipment

J & M Engineering & Sales has been offering flow and process control solutions since 1974. Since that time, we've been providing an outstanding group of products from an outstanding group of suppliers.

Badger Meter® Flow Meters, Badger Dynasonics, Badger Research Control Valves
100 years of manufacuring expericence.  Products for now and the future. Their disc, gear, magnetic, and turbine products come with unsurpassed quality and scope. Badger also offers a larger selection of transmitters, batch devices, and receivers.

Eastech Badger®
Eastech Badger is an up-and-coming leader in closed pipe ultrasonic flow meters. Their meters are easily installed with minimum downtime, cost, and process disruption.

We're proud to sell Danaher's Veeder Root™, Dynapar™, and Eagle Signal™ products. These products can be applied in a cross-section of industrial control and automation requirements for speed control, timing, batching, and counting. Use them to see why they're the preferred encoders across the industry. 

Wilkerson Instrument Co.®
Wilkerson produces high-quality signal conditioners, transmitters, and process indicators manufactured in North America. These devices are perfect for switching, contacting, or conditioning any process input signal, such as DC current, T/C, RTD, Strain gauge, frequency, or potentiometer.

Lumenite® Control Technology
Lumenite instrumentation is now an industry standard for sanitary applications. It offers a multitude of designs with 3A sanitary approval and acceptance.

Wallace and Tiernan®
Wallace & Tiernan is one of the longest-standing manufacturers of process and controls for waste treatment. Their line of products includes chlorinators, metering pumps, flow meters, and lime-handling systems, such as lime slakers. For calibration and testing, choose their precision gauges.
Wyatt Engineering®
This company is a well-known manufacturer of wastewater treatment and water consumption equipment. From open channel and weir products to flow nozzles, flow tubes, and differential pressure equipment, Wyatt Engineering makes what you need for your wastewater treatment plant.

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